Building a Sustainable Project

Whether you're a developer, investor or minister with a healthcare portfolio, you know starting a hospital or healthcare project is easier than sustaining a high quality enterprise. 

Initial enthusiasm driven by the expectations of uniqueness and innovation coupled with high returns and establishing a new product/service line is infectious. However, when you move from high-priced drawings and the receptions with international dignitaries, to laying a foundation, establishing a marketing strategy and building a reputable staff, the gilt comes off the lily.  This happens because initial planning is usually focused on the short term with the expectation that once the project begins, it will build upon itself. 

However, healthcare occurs in cycles and when the initial cycle or cycles complete, very often projects begin to fail. Equipment becomes outdated, the staff you trained moves on, facilities need paint and polish as well as structural updates. Operating room constantly grow in size, and patients expect more and more amenities in their rooms. But, the real driver is the medical staff. Many international organizations forge relationships with specific medical groups for services. And these groups, like the building itself, age and change. Their composition changes, those initially enthusiastic physicians retire or simply tire of the travel, and your principal determiner of quality, physicians, is gone. 

Truly sustainable projects recognize these cycles and build them into the plan. Many will see the technology and facility issues as requiring attention, but the most commonly overlooked asset of the organization, physicians, is too often overlooked. Creating sustainability in the medical staff isn't about contracting and recruiting as much as it is about developing your own national talent, forging international relationships for the best education and training and seeing them return home. This process isn't quick and it is predicated on initial cycles reliant on outside contracting and recruitment, but it is a permanent solution - and permanence equates to sustainability.

I'll work with your team and your advisors to draft such a solution, help you forge the international relationships and establish the processes to see your nation's best and brightest obtain the best medical education and training and then to return to serve their nation in the highest possible calling. 

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