Building a Sustainable Healthcare Micro Economy

Much of the world suffers from insufficient healthcare resources predicated on a depleting circle theory. That is, a lack of qualified physicians leads to few high-quality facilities, and an absence of well-developed facilities becomes a barrier to attracting high quality medical practitioners. In this environment, the opportunity for Healthcare Micro-Economic development is eliminated.  

One process of developing and establishing a sustainable Healthcare Micro Economy is to blend an investment-based for profit health service predicated on high fee surgical procedures that both stems outmigration of local patients with the ability to pay and supports in-migration of regional patients with an equal ability to pay. The cost basis of for such a service in most of the developing world allows for well-trained physicians to be attracted to the service while containing costs via the lower cost levels of staff and supplies that generally exist. The off-shoot of such an effort is then the redirection of profits from either a government or non-profit administered resource to public health initiatives.  

The Critical Pathway to the development of a sustainable Healthcare Micro Economy is:

  • Funded analysis of both most appropriate for-profit services to be provided and the most significant outcome based public health needs. 
  • Investment in for-profit facility meeting international accreditation standards. 
  • Recruitment of U.S. and European trained medical staff. 
  • Establishment of medical education and training partnerships between host nation and U.S. medical schools/residency programs. 
  • Implementation of Public Health Priorities. 
  • Development of educational, technological, research and support industries of the Healthcare Micro Economy. 
  • Replacement of initial outside medical experts with local staff educated/trained in the U.S. 
  • Expansion of both for-profit and public health services.

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