RFP-Global Human Capital

Global Experience  |  Local Knowledge™
Robert F. Priddy
 created RFP-Global™ as a resource coupling his extensive background in healthcare business development, product management, marketing, medical staff development and operations with other professionals from around the world in medicine, business development, government relations, finance, real estate and construction with on the ground knowledge in North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Combined, RFP-Global represents a unique access point for and to individuals, governments and organizations developing medical and healthcare projects globally.

Robert's professional expertise is founded in healthcare having led business and medical staff development with four different health systems in the U.S., a founder of American World Clinics and now consulting and collaborating independently via RFP-Global.

Robert sees two distinct yet significant opportunities focusing on development-based independent healthcare or medical tourism projects, as well as on resource integration with projects that combine distinct layers of healthcare access involving both for-profit and public health goals.

From initial strategy and business visioning to full project management, RFP-Global brings together the individuals, the team necessary to create successful, sustainable healthcare and medical projects.  

Qiuyang Zhang, Director, Asia Market Development for RFP-Global

Results-driven leader with over 15 years of extensive experiences in international business, China marketing, analysis, consultant and operation and

Founder & CEO Council For US-China Medical Technology Exchanges LLC

  • Broad international relationships with Chinese government, media, hospitals, medical organizations, referral facilitators and companies in China
  • Owns and operates multiple business in both the U.S. and China in health care space
  • Manages million dollar budgets in a variety of health care settings and training programs
  • Multi-tasking capabilities to strategy developing, plan, and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines
  • Harmonious interpersonal relations and cooperation with government officer, administrator, physician leaders and allied health staff
  • Strong Mandarin communication, coordination and interpersonal skills to outreach and build relationships with vendors and outside an organization
  • Strong managerial skills leveraging diversity of thoughts, skills, and experiences of team members
  • Broad knowledge of computer systems along with spreadsheets, databases, statistics, software installation
  • Programs:Health Care Management, Science Project Management, Mini MBA program etc.