In most of the world, healthcare is a commodity. Accommodations are blah, the food is horrible, the staff are overburdened and the environment is hassled and hurried. If you want to be successful in medical tourism, you have to turn this commodity into an inviting and caring experience. 

Healthcare patients have notoriously low expectations. With rundown rooms, sometimes even unclean environments, questionable food and dismissive staff, most patients simply want to get in and out as quickly as possible. 

However, you have an option. The costliest component in healthcare is traditionally the staff. In developing nations, staffing costs may be a quarter of costs in the U.S. That cost differential presents an opportunity - the opportunity to "care." Yes, simply caring is the single most important request or hope from most hospital patients. But caring takes time, and hurried, overburdened staff simply don't have the time to care. 

RFP-Global will help you determine how to staff efficiently and effectively. We'll create your caring atmosphere that make gold plated bathroom fixture unnecessary and might even make your food seem acceptable.